Fifth floor apartment of 111 square meters

For sale apartment on the fifth floor, located in Latina (LT), via Legnano 4. The unit is part of a mainly residential building with some commercial units on the ground floor. The property is located in the central area north of Latina, more precisely between the corner of Via Legnano and Via Carturan. From an urban planning point of view, it falls within the R7 area "Building and road downsizing" section S of the municipal approved PRG.The building consists of 2 blocks with 5 floors above ground and a basement with garage; two turret elements identify the staircase and the elevator. The main access to the building takes place from a courtyard falling back from Via Legnano where there is also a cemented area used as outdoor uncovered parking; through a large driveway and pedestrian metal gate you enter the large courtyard in front of the building with outdoor parking spaces and the building itself via a covered atrium. A second metal gate adjacent to the main one allows access to the ramp leading to the basement garage.This is an apartment on the fifth floor, staircase A, interior 16; born as a tank room, with a height of about 2.33 ml. Internally it consists of a single room with a small bathroom with window and a kitchenette. Finishes featuring porcelain stoneware flooring, ceramic tile coverings in the bathroom and kitchenette, wooden windows and doors, except for the small high window located in the bathroom. Outside there is a large terrace which is part of the solar roof covering the entire building bordered by concrete walls with a terrazzo floor (discreetly worn).It should be noted that the viability of the building has not been found.Well described in an appraisal with the land registry of reference (Subaltern 107).Apartment: 111 sqmFull ownership of:Apartment (CF): Sheet 138 - Particle 123 - Subordinate 107 - Cat A / 2It should be noted that the property is the property of the debtor for a 50% share under the joint property regime with the spouse and 50% share of the debtor's brother, the entire property being sold.The cadastral plan on file was presented with a variation in 2017 for different distribution of interior spaces, change of use to housing and renovation. The urban legitimacy was requested with the amnesty application of 1995, where the change of destination was requested for about 72 square meters. However, this question is not defined. DIA was also presented in 2016 for expansion, defined as inadmissible by the Municipality due to lack of definition of the previous amnesty. Visita l'immobile:


  • Contratto : Vendita
  • Riferimento : 11449
  • Tipologia: Appartamento
  • Comune: Latina
  • Prezzo: 121.580 €
  • Mq: 111
  • Classe energetica:
  • I.P.E.:N.D.

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Rata mensile
482 €

  • Importo richiesto : 121.580 €
  • Mutuo finanziato: 121.580 €
  • Durata mutuo: 30 anni
  • TAN: 2.28%
  • TAEG: 2,41%
  • LTV: 100%
  • Liquidità iniziale: 0 €

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